Photography Classes Huntsville, AL

Photography Classes Huntsville, AL

Photography Classes in Huntsville Alabama, is it worth it?

There are numerous photography lessons and seminars that you can see online and if you are living in Alabama, then you probably know at least one photography classes in Huntsville. However every student has their own requirements and need when it comes to choosing the best photography school for themselves. Whatever it is you need to make sure that you will be beneficial and worth your money.

Huntsville Art League

Description: Classes on Film & Digital Photography and Digital Printing with Photoshop elements are offered by Walt Schumacherto be held at Huntsville Art League.

Address: 3005 L&N Drive Suite 2Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-534-3860


Oakwood University

Description: At Oakwood University, one can take either an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree programs that offer Photography courses.

Address: 7000 Adventist Blvd NW, Huntsville, AL 35896

Phone: 256.726.7000


Southerland’s Photo

Description: Southerland’s Photo teaches all about the Fundamentals of Digital Photography that would enable you to understand your camera’s potential and technical skills.

Address: 2357 Whitesburg DriveHuntsville, AL35801

Phone: 256-539-9627


University of Alabama – Huntsville

Description: The University of Alabama – Huntsville offers several Photography courses under various programs from Bachelor’s Degree to Master’s Degree.

Address: 301 Sparkman Drive Huntsville AL 35899

Phone: 256-824-1000


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